About Us

The Cavatappi restaurant is in the heart of the old town centre of Tarquinia (famed for its Etruscan tombs, Mediaeval walls and towers and the sea), in front of the old washing stalls where water still flows today. Now a romantic setting, in the past a focal point for women, who would gather to wash their family’s linen and gossip the day away.

The Cavatappi restaurant seats about 40 indoors (with air-conditioning) and 25 outdoors in the Summer. The menu mainly consists of local meat dishes accompanied by a vast assortment of veg and soups. Savour porcini and other local mushrooms, truffles, game dishes and the classic acquacotta ((fresh vegetables on hunks of toasted bread dressed with olive oil). Not to be missed: panunto, panzanellae and canata from the Maremma (see Menu). Plus a wide selection of salami, sausages and cheeses from the local area. Homemade cakes and desserts. Fresh fish to order. Good selection of Vegetariandishes.

Closed Tuesday.